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About Jane McAuliffe | Personal Bio Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®)

Hello, I’m Jane McAuliffe — Financial Advisor, and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®). My goal is to help you take ownership of your finances by mapping out the bigger picture so that you can be confident in your financial security post-divorce.


About Jane

Jane McAuliffe, CDFA® is a Financial Advisor with Axis Advisors, as well as Founder + CEO of Collaborative Divorce Strategies, a Divorce Financial Planning firm that is part of the Wellspring Divorce Advisors network.

Jane brings together her years of professional experience, her personal experience of going through a divorce, and her passion for helping men and women to find an equal footing by planning in advance for all of life’s circumstances. Jane’s approach is founded on the belief that taking an active role in personal finances can make you feel confident and empowered in making good financial decisions. Her objective advice helps men and women avoid the fallout that can ensue after a major life transition; such as divorce, loss of a spouse or parent, and enables them to save what they need, manage their investments wisely, and ultimately make smarter financial decisions.

Jane started in the financial services industry in 1998 and currently holds her Series 65 Investment Advisory license, helping clients and business owners with comprehensive financial planning and ongoing investment advisory services. Her focus is on goal and risk planning, establishing lifestyle budgets and structuring cost-effective portfolios to help clients reach their financial goals. In addition, Jane holds the CDFA® certification (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) and is a trained mediator; specializing in helping individuals and couples negotiate an equitable settlement and plan for their future throughout divorce. Her expertise focuses on analyzing creative settlement strategies, forensic asset tracing, and adequately planning for their post-divorce lifestyles. Jane works collaboratively with the “divorce team” (Attorney, Mediator, CPA, Mortgage Lender) throughout the process, providing an organized picture of the marital estate. Jane also helps clients post-divorce on overseeing the division of assets, tax strategies, risk and tax planning, investing, and budgeting for client’s new lifestyles.

Jane is a graduate of Bryant University, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Management, and is currently a member of the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts, the Rhode Island Mediators Association, and the Association of Divorce Financial Planners. Jane has also hosted a breakout session for the Bryant University’s 20th Anniversary Women’s Summit on Financial Planning and Investing, and frequently hosts workshops at the Center for Women and Enterprise and various other organizations and locations that deliver relevant, accessible and sensible financial advice.

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