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Collaborative Divorce Strategies' mission is to help Attorneys present their client’s case by providing professional financial analysis and long-term financial planning while examining all of the potential outcomes of the financial negotiations.

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As a family law attorney, your ultimate goal is to be the legal advocate on your client’s behalf, using every possible advantage at your disposal. 

You need concrete research and detailed, organized financial information that will support the equitable distribution of the marital estate and will benefit your client long after the divorce is final. Collaborative Divorce Strategies' mission is to help you present your case by providing professional financial analysis and long-term financial planning while examining all of the potential outcomes of the financial negotiations. We use state-of-the-art tools and planning software to help your client feel confident about the decisions they are agreeing to. We work collaboratively with you, and other centers of influence, to ensure the legal outcome is ultimately achieved with the client's best interests in mind. We become an integral part of the divorce team by providing the following services:

  • Assist in the discovery process to collect and review preliminary documents and advise counsel on any potential concerns regarding the opposing parties’ disclosure

  • Prepare Net Worth Statements to prepare a base-line for asset and debt division; and as settlement negotiations begin, we prepare alternative scenarios to help counsel and client compare the outcome of various settlement options

  • Prepare Cash Flow Statements to develop an accurate and defensible cash flow statement and budget, to be used in support negotiations

  • Calculate Income Available for Support by reviewing and analyzing tax returns, business documents, compensation and human resource documents, pension plan provisions, and brokerage statements to develop an accurate and defensible analysis of your clients' or opposing party’s income to base support calculations on

  • Analyze Marital Standard of Living and Lifestyle by looking at past spending patterns, and potential future lifestyle budgetary needs

  • Trace accounts for credit and reimbursement if marital assets were disbursed prior to dissolution, to be used to payback any shared expenses, outstanding debt and many other complications, or to determine separate property values

  • Analyze economic value of dependency exemptions, tax credits, and filing status decisions to ensure your client is drafting the settlement agreement to their advantage

  • Provide Life Insurance for clients to have as a security for child support, alimony and equalization payments

  • Consult on the division of Non-Qualified accounts, not divisible by QDRO and determine whether accounts are divisible by some other process, or find alternative equitable division strategies

  • Prepare Lump Sum alimony buy-out analysis and compare to the tax effects of a future alimony payment schedule

  • Prepare Net Present Valuations of Defined Benefit Plans to be included in the value of the marital estate, and determine if that plan is divisible

  • Analyze Alimony recapture and Child Contingency Rules to avoid any potential tax pitfalls in your client's future

  • Present a comprehensive financial plan exploring all of the “what-if” scenarios and learning how these decisions will affect your client's future, prior to finalizing the agreement

  • Assist client with post-divorce transition management to ensure the settlement you worked hard to negotiate is enforced through title changes, beneficiary changes, asset transfers and account division

Our job is far from done when a final judgement is entered. 

We also provide ongoing Investment Management and Financial Planning to clients post-divorce, to ensure they are staying on the right path for their financial future.  Investment Management services are provided through Jane McAuliffe, CDFA at Axis Advisors, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisory firm. For more information about post-divorce planning and investment services, please visit