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The Top 10 Divorce Financial Planning Mistakes

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Following are some of the most common and sometimes devastating financial mistakes made during divorce. Collaborative Divorce Strategies’ knowledge, experience and proven Divorce Financial Planning system provides the creative options, financial analysis and strategies necessary to ensure our clients avoid these pitfalls and obtain the most financially advantageous settlement possible.

  1. Not understanding that in property division “equitable” is not always “equal”.
  2. Making emotional decisions rather than thinking strategically.
  3. Agreeing to a settlement without understanding the financial impact.
  4. Failing to investigate your concerns and turn over every stone.
  5. Keeping a residence you will not be able to afford.
  6. Failure to insure child and spousal support payments.
  7. Not creating current and future budgets that are detailed and accurate.
  8. Disregarding the long-term impact of inflation, investment returns, and taxes.
  9. Being too generous for the sake of “getting it done”.
  10. Failure to develop a post-divorce financial plan.

Avoid these mistakes and contact Collaborative Divorce Strategies to get a complimentary consultation on your personal situation: