Collaborative Divorce Strategies
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Covering Your A$$ets During Divorce

Tune in to the "Covering Your A$$ets During Divorce" podcast for real advice and invaluable information on navigating divorce, hosted by Jane McAuliffe.

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Interview with Patricia Raskin of the Patricia Raskin Show

In this podcast, Jane is interviewed by Patricia Raskin of the Patricia Raskin show on the subject of “Grey Divorce” (couples who are over the age of 50). Learn about the obstacles they may face post divorce, and why planning is critical for those going through divorce at this stage of life!

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#3 Defining and Making a Case for Your Support

In this podcast, I am joined by RI Family Law Attorney, Tim Sweet, of The Law Offices of Timothy M. Sweet. During our discussion, you will understand the fundamentals of child support and spousal support and HOW to uncover obstacles and make a case for the support you need both from a legal and financial standpoint!

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#2 Home Ownership and Financial Independence in Divorce

In this podcast, I am joined by Beverlee Fairbanks, Certified Divorce Lending Professional.  We are discussing various options and scenarios for ownership of the marital home and investment property. Most importantly, you will learn three of the most important considerations in determining if you can afford to retain your home after divorce!

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