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The emotional and financial chaos of divorce negotiations is behind you, and your financial settlement is complete. Now it’s time for you to take control and reinvent your new financial reality. 

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Our mission at Collaborative Divorce Strategies is to help you REINVENT your next chapter. 

That includes helping you get a clear understanding of what you need, what your goals are, and how you are going to get there. Investment Management, Life Insurance, Taxes, Cash Flow Management and Estate Planning can be overwhelming when you take them on alone. Additionally, you will need to see what your cash flow and overall financial picture may look like in 5 or 10 years from now when your support ends. Let us help take the questions out of your post-divorce finances and provide Clarity for Your Financial Future. 

As fee-only Investment Advisors, we begin by establishing a clear picture of what your current and future income and expenses are, as well as the assets and debts you will have post-divorce. From there, we build a comprehensive financial plan which will be the foundation of our planning sessions using best-in-class financial planning software, together we will explore each and every “what-if” scenario, and how those scenarios impact or enhance your overall future financial goals. We then analyze your current investment allocations and risk tolerance, and implement portfolios that will provide the diversification, asset allocation and liquidity that is appropriate for your needs. Additionally, we look at your life insurance and estate plan to ensure that the wealth you have accumulated will be protected and pass as tax efficiently as possible to your beneficiaries. Most importantly, we work through a comprehensive post-divorce checklist to ensure that the settlement you worked so hard to negotiate will not be jeopardized due to lack of follow-through.

Post-divorce financial planning and investment services only offered through Axis Advisors, LLC., a Registered Investment Advisory firm. Please visit for additional information and disclosures. These services are only available post-divorce and under separate agreement and fee arrangement.