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“When I first filed for divorce, I felt like I was pushed off a cliff. And after three years of trying to get divorced, you were the first person to provide solid ground that I could grab on to. I can’t thank you enough.” — J.M.



My ex-husband and I had been separated for 5 years and didn’t know how to get divorced! Jane helped us map out how to divide our assets fairly and equitably, in great detail. She ultimately came up with a strategy to alleviate some marital debt, and also helped us figure out how best to divide our assets and the expenses for our children. Most importantly, she helped me figure out if I could afford my new lifestyle, and showed me how creating a savings plan would affect my financial future. Both my husband and I were in involved in the process that was ultimately peaceful, helping us work together as great co-parents post-divorce.
— J.M.

I have been a sole practitioner attorney in RI for 33 years focusing primarily on family law. I have had the pleasure of working with Jane for the last 3 years now. Jane has been instrumental in resolving many of my family law divorce cases. Jane takes the time to perform in-depth financial research with the client directly. Jane analyzes the income and expenses of the client and then reaches an insightful conclusion on how best to resolve the case including the distribution of martial assets and alimony. Jane is always friendly, courteous and attentive with clients as well as attorneys and other professionals involved in the case which is key in bringing parties together to a resolution. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jane to any clients or attorneys, as her work adds a great value to the client experience.
— Kerry I. Rafanelli, Family Law Attorney in RI

Jane was an invaluable resource to me during my divorce. My ex-husband and I both have an accounting background and have worked in accounting/benefits/banking and were very active in our own financial planning so understanding our financial situation was not an issue. But Jane was able to take out the emotion and present not only the present value of our finances, but also map it out for the next 7-10 years. The schedules Jane prepared saved us hours of discussion with the mediator. In fact, when our mediator started questioning some of the numbers my ex said ‘Jane prepared these schedules. I trust the numbers. Let’s not reinvent the wheel.’ I do, and will continue, to recommend Jane to any of my friends who may find themselves going through a divorce.
— A.B

I’m not sure I can find the right words to express the amount of respect and gratitude I have for Jane. After 19 years of marriage, six of which I was a stay at home mom to my three children, I found myself starting over. To be honest, I never knew that CDFA’s existed. Jane’s knowledge and support from both a financial and emotional standpoint were invaluable…she is an amazing role model for anyone, especially if you are going through a divorce, Jane helped empower me to gain control over my life at my most vulnerable. I am now lucky enough to call her my friend.
— J.R.

Recently divorced, I was trying to make heads or tails out of the aftermath of not only my personal life, but my finances; that for the first time in years I would now be fully responsible for. I was scared and unsure about where to even begin. I knew I had to address my finances, but I was embarrassed. I am a woman who has managed a household and held a full-time job, yet had no idea how to handle my current economic affairs let alone plan to protect myself for the future. Fortunately, I heard about Jane through a networking group. She explained options in terms that I could understand, provided recommendations on actions that I should take immediately, and provided a plan that I could reasonably work towards. I appreciated how Jane was patient, understanding, didn’t expect me to make big changes all at once and made the overwhelming task of financial management feel manageable! For the first time, I feel empowered about my money. I still have areas that I need to address but knowing that I have a highly skilled planner that I can trust to guide me along the way, I will be able to handle it. I am forever grateful for having my path lead me to Jane!
— H.M.

Jane was a shining light for me as I navigated the murky waters of divorce. Through insightful and clear advice, she outlined for me a much-needed objective viewpoint about my own financial reality. When I first met with her, I was in a place of fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt; where I am now is light years away. Jane’s vibrant energy and kind nature are matched by her financial and legal knowledge and skill, and her uncompromising ability to connect and communicate. In truth, I cannot recommend Jane highly enough. I am eternally grateful for the valuable help I received from her as I transitioned through a truly difficult time.
— K.A.

You have paved the way to my financial freedom and showed me
how possible it is to achieve it.
— B.F.

You have helped so many of my clients leap into a healthy financial path. Just knowing you’re there is the best benefit of all. You truly get it!
— Beverlee Fairbanks, Washington Trust Company

When I first filed for divorce, I felt like I was pushed off a cliff. And after three years of trying to get divorced, you were the first person to provide solid ground that I could grab on to. I can’t thank you enough.
— J. M.

I am not sure I can put into words the ways in which you’ve helped me…you have given me insight and hope for my future!
— M.C.

Thank you for helping me bloom.
You always go above and beyond the call of duty.
— D.R.